The influence of 3D printing technology on product design process

The influence of 3D printing technology on product design process

Good at communication media design product design process of parallel is paid more and more attention, through the improvement of product design and development process, parallel consideration of each stage of product life cycle factors, emphasizes the following aspect of possible problems in the early stages of design was precipitated and resolved to minimize repeated design, shorten the product design time. Under the condition of concurrent product design, each link and element of product development process can work at the same time and run in coordination. In the process of concurrent product design, communication and discussion among design teams is an important means to promote the design process. Smooth and efficient design communication is an important guarantee for the success of product design and development. In the product conceptual design stage, the design team often can only use the abstract 2D plane drawing as the visualization medium to carry on the plan design discussion. The concept of straw made by hand can make up for the lack of visual media in a certain extent, but there are great deviations in the design of precision, texture, tactility and so on. These conditions virtually limit effective communication between teams about product concepts. 3D printing applications can introduce accurate conceptual models into design discussions, much earlier. Each member of the design team, and product users can visually see and touch the conceptual model, and the pros and cons of different structure, appearance and function comparison between them, to decide which product concept worth continue. The conceptual model created by 3D printing can clearly reflect the problems existing in the product concept, and then modify the design, repeat the design iteration process until the product concept is perfect.

Rapid product prototyping, product design, shortening the development cycle means that the product will be put into the market as soon as possible and take the lead. In a related survey, 17% of the investigated products consumed a considerable amount of time in prototyping, and was the biggest obstacle to shortening the time to market. In the prototype test phase, the design team uses the product prototype for performance testing and rigorous engineering evaluation, early feedback design defects, so as to avoid product development risk as much as possible. Using 3D printing technology can greatly shorten the production time of product prototypes, from the past few days or even weeks to a few hours. In addition, the use of in-house 3D printing equipment to produce prototypes, or even small batch production, to avoid the risk of intellectual property leakage caused by outsourcing of prototype production.


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