The impact of 3D printing technology on product detail design

The impact of 3D printing technology on product detail design

Incremental manufacturing is the leading technology of mass manufacturing mode to personalized manufacturing mode, and its prominent advantage lies in the realization of low cost, high efficiency and complex structure manufacturing. Due to the adoption of incremental manufacturing technology, compared with the previous reduction mode of production, it can make revolutionary innovations in product modeling, structure and other aspects.


Product modeling

3D printing technology on product detail design

The new design concept of industrial designers will be updated with the development of times, technology and arts. With the development and application of 3D printing technology, the production mode of products has no longer become the bondage of designer’s imagination. The appearance of complex products can be printed through the 3D printer, and integrated, such as alunar M508 3D printer, like, in particular, good at printing details. Thus, designers can concentrate on product form, creativity and function innovation, that is, “design is production””. The product design will show the trend of diversification, the technical attribute and economic attribute, aesthetic attributes, environmental attributes, human attribute elements, aesthetic attributes of the elements of the proportion increased, product modeling art forms will become popular, then the consumer aesthetic view to product styling will also change.


Product mix 3D

3D printing technology on product detail design
Printing makes complex product structure possible, and the integration trend of product structure design emerges gradually. As a result of the current production process constraints, the general products are mostly assembled by a number of components, together constitute the main structure of the product. The assembly structure to increase the product quality, volume, complexity and probability of failure, and waste a large amount of material and energy in the process of production and assembly, so we choose the Affordable FDM Assembled 3D Printer will solve this problem, especially Alunar R100 3D Printer, compact, mobility and troubleshooting are few. 3D printing technology “and” the method of product structure integration, more simple, even some special structure with a hinged molding auxiliary material without assembling, improves the production efficiency, but also improve the structural strength and reliability of the product.


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