The development of 3D printing technology has brought revolutionary changes to the future manufacturing industry

The development of 3D printing technology has brought revolutionary changes to the future manufacturing industry

Based on the comparison of new and old production methods, the influence of 3D printing technology on product design concept, details, process and industry model is analyzed:

The design of product structure and styling is no longer bound by traditional manufacturing 

The development of 3D printing technology

technology; independent designers can rely on 3D printing technology to transform their creativity into real products, A large number of independent designers and design brands have been spawned, and the social trend of design will break the rigid structural division of the past design organizations, and consumers will have the power to design and produce products themselves.

The development of 3D printing technology

3D printing as a common name, its essence is to increase timber manufacturing technology. The American Society for testing and materials will increase timber manufacturing technology is defined as: 3D model based on the data, the opposite process and reducing type manufacturing technology layers of production of goods, usually by computer control of the material layer by layer, finally the 3D model of the computer into three-dimensional objects, is one of the leading technology of mass production model to personalized manufacturing pattern development. Compared with the traditional large materials manufacturing equipment, the concept of 3D printing embodies the miniaturization, intelligence and personalization of the equipment. For example, the alunar diy printer is one of the Best Home 3D Printer.

After nearly 20 years of exploration, 3D printing technology has made great progress in printing materials, precision, speed and other aspects have been greatly improved. It is now possible to achieve a fine resolution of 600 DPI at a monolayer thickness of 0.01 mm. The variety of the technique can be used very abundant materials, using biological cells as materials can be printed out by organs, bones; sand material to be printed on the glass material construction; print glass products; metal materials can be printed in mechanical parts. Printed material from mainstream polymer materials to metal, stone can be. With the further development of intelligent manufacturing, new information technology, control technology, material technology and so on have been widely used in the field of manufacturing, 3D printing technology will be pushed to a higher level.


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