Why is 3D Printing Increasingly Popular in Education?

Why is 3D Printing Increasingly Popular in Education?

3D printing technology was invented by American Hu Hu in the 80s of last century, and his old man never thought that today, thirty years later, 3D printing technology can be so popular in the field of education.

In fact, 3D printing was first developed in the United States, Europe and other developed countries on campus. Then, in Japan, South Korea and other cities, many campuses began to offer 3D printing courses.

 students are taking a 3D printing course

3D printing is able to produce such a close link with education, the key lies in the following points:

First of all, the learning threshold of this technology is not very high. To put it plainly, this technology is not as difficult as you think, and it is becoming more and more popular and easier to master. But it’s important to make clear that the 3D printing technology we are talking about is the most popular and economical FDM technology.

FDM technology, professional term called fused deposition technology, the material is melted, and then a layer of a layer of accumulation and the formation of an object, a bit like the process of making the cake, it is a manufacturing process by 3D printer. 3D printers how to design how to operate in order to complete the process, and not students to learn, this is the 3D printing equipment manufacturers to do. What students want to learn is the modeling process in the early stage, and know how to operate the 3D printer.

In this, the modeling process is very critical, but also relatively difficult to study part, but modeling can really develop students thinking, improve students design ability. Some people may say that modeling is too difficult. It takes years to learn, not to mention the heavy tasks of the students. Where is time and energy?. In fact, this fear is not necessary. Because many companies have developed simple modeling software that meets the needs of teenagers, students can do simple modeling step by step in the form of games or checkpoints. Coupled with supporting materials, teachers in class guidance, the modeling of primary and secondary school is not as difficult as we imagine.

Working printer

Second, 3D printing and school courses are becoming more and more closely linked, can really inspire thinking. In the early stage of modeling, it is necessary for students to have a knowledge of the three-dimensional space, because the models built are three-dimensional, and this three-dimensional sense of space is a kind of ability that must be trained in mathematics and physics courses. Take the simple model for it, such as a cup, although simple, but put a cuboid shape into a shape of a curved glass, this process is to stimulate their potential for creative thinking. Moreover, 3D printing, as a way of manufacturing, can transform the children’s own design into real toys and real things in hand, which brings a sense of achievement that no other can replace. The key point is that the 3D print out a lot of creative arts and crafts, such as toys, toys, can attract children’s attention.

Print Octopus model

Another point is that the current 3D printer, whether in operation, performance, or quality, cannot be whispered on the same day as the previous years.

Remember, before an exhibition, an American was surprised when he saw the model created by the 3D printer. He said, “several years ago, when you hold something made by 3D printers you can tell But now Look at these!!!” he means that a few years ago, FDM 3D printer out of the model is relatively rough, feeling model layers obviously, can tell at a glance this is the 3D to print out, and now FDM 3D printers have been able to fine, from the outside can not see the slightest 3D it is printed.

Moreover, the desktop 3D printer now, has reached a very intelligent degree, also take alunar R150 for example, this model belongs to the Alunar R series inside the economy the most widely used one, it is the operation, press the power button, the SD card according to the card slot, choose to print the file, then click the “print” can, for today’s extensive contact with a variety of electronic products, young people, did not have any difficulty on the operation.

Alunar3D Printer Display

The last point is the acceptance of society.

The degree of social acceptance is related in many ways. Not only is the enterprise one-sided propaganda and promotion, the government guidance has played the very vital role in it. With the “China made wisdom”, “manufacturing upgrading, transformation” and other concepts and objectives put forward, China’s society is from top to bottom to form a “innovation first” good atmosphere. Many educators believe that the sooner the child contacts the 3D printer, the more likely he will be to adapt to the future society, because the future of 3D printing is becoming more and more important in the day-to-day work and daily life. Children who are disgusted with the boring theory may like to study geometric space after contacting 3D printing.



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