How to Print a 3D Model Can Save More Money – Just Try These Tips

How to Print a 3D Model Can Save More Money – Just Try These Tips

3D print enthusiasts want to get fancy models at a reasonable price. Today, share some tips on how to reduce print costs.
Tip 1: Compare Similar Materials
Different materials have different prices. If you simply consider saving money, you can choose cheaper materials, and then print the model after the completion of late processing to achieve the desired results. For example, a printing plate, if there is no special requirements, the use of ordinary PLA, ABS and other plastic after the printing is completed with color, also have the same forming effect.

One of the best ways to compare material prices is to consult a dealer who will tell you the cost of printing the same model with different materials so that you can select one of the most acceptable materials for printing.


Tip 2: Play Print Size
In the world of 3D printing, size is critical. Reducing the size of the 3D print model means that the size of the three dimensions is reduced simultaneously. As a result, the cost of printing will be greatly reduced.


Tip 3: Combine 3D Printing With Non 3D Printing

Sometimes, we can try another way of thinking. For example, 3D printing and traditional manufacturing methods combined with 3D printing components and non 3D printing parts (metal rods, metal tube or metal block combination, etc.) can be upgraded in the final forming effect and user experience.


Tip 4: Identify the Factors That Affect Prices
The following factors determine the price of a model:
Model size: the size of the model determines how much space it takes to use a 3D printer.

Model orientation: the position and direction of the model placed on the print platform affects the amount of support added, thereby affecting the price.

The surface of the model: the model surface can influence the forming quality of post processing difficulty, the influence to the later artificial processing cost.

Model fill density: the higher the packing density, the more materials used, and the higher the price.

After defining these factors, we can adjust the corresponding parameters in the model slicing and printing to get a more reasonable and acceptable price.


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